Walt Disney World Family Vacation Are Magical

Walt Disney World Family Vacation Are Magical

Walt Disney World Family Vacation – Going to Disney World is something every family should experience at least once in their lifetime. Before making a choice between Disney Family Vacations you should become more knowledgeable about what you can expect at some of the Disney parks.

Probably the most famous of the Disney parks is Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is home to the famous Cinderella Castle. Magic kingdom has many great rides including the popular ride splash mountain. Other activities include enjoying the many great shows and parades. Of course a trip to Magic kingdom isn’t complete without meeting some of the famous Disney characters.

Another great Disney park is Epcot. Spread across three-hundred acres this park is huge. Guests know they have entered Epcot when they see the famous ride “Spaceship Earth”. This is a ride that looks like a gigantic golf ball. Epcot is divided into two sections. The first section is called Future World. This part of the park is themed around innovation and technological advances. The second part of the park is called World Showcase. World Showcase features eleven different countries. Each country represented features shops, restaurants, and attractions so visitors can get a feel for the culture of that particular country.

Another park that shouldn’t be missed when making a choice of Disney Family Vacations is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Animal Kingdom is the world’s largest animal themed park and features more than seventeen hundred Animals. The safari ride is one of the most popular attractions in Animal Kingdom. For the really adventurous types Animal Kingdom also has the awesome Mt. Everest rollercoaster.

By choosing a Disney Family vacations you are essentially making a vacation choice that will create memories that last a lifetime. Everyone in the family is sure to have a magical time when they are vacationing in Disney World.