Vacation Destinations In Texas For Family – San Antonio Texas Is Not Just About The Alamo!

Vacation Destinations In Texas For Family - San Antonio Texas Is Not Just About The Alamo!

Have you ever been to San Antonio, Texas: One of the best family vacation destinations in Texas?

When it comes to finding the best family vacation destinations, you won’t go wrong when you vacation with your family in San Antonio, Texas. The reason this city makes the list as one of the best family vacation destinations is because of the flavor of this south Texas city. Although it is a large city, it has a very small-town feel, and the atmosphere is all about family and togetherness. Not only this but the cost for food and amenities is a lot less expensive than other comparable tourist cities.

The thing that San Antonio is known for the most is the Alamo.

The Alamo was an outpost and one of the historic missions when Texas was at war with Mexico. Today, it is located right downtown, still standing in pretty much its original condition, although restored and maintained by the Daughters of the Republic. The first thing a tourist will notice, is it’s located just a block down from a shopping mall, and not in a field somewhere.

When the city planners decided to build up the downtown area of San Antonio, they built the stores and restaurants around the land the Alamo sits on. So, the Alamo in its historic state is surrounded by 20th century amenities. When the family is taking a tour of the Alamo, they can either walk through on their own, or they can take a guided tour. The building itself isn’t very large in scale and in the back of the property is a Koi fishpond that was constructed in later years.

Another reason San Antonio is one of the best family vacation destinations is because of the plethora of restaurants on the Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk is a man-made structure that flows through parts of the downtown area. Along the banks of the river are hotels, restaurants, and shops. The restaurants serve their share of Mexican food, but there are also specialty restaurants.

There is even one restaurant that specializes in rude service as part of its appeal. There is also the Hard Rock Cafe for family dining. Most of the restaurants, especially the Mexican restaurants, are very inexpensive, especially when the amount of food that is served is taken into consideration. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that is especially the case in the food and drink servings.

When touring San Antonio, families need to visit the Tower Of The Americas. This also makes San Antonio one of the best family vacation destinations.

The Tower was built in 1969 and tourists can go up to the top to get a panoramic view of the whole city of San Antonio. There is a restaurant on the observation deck, and there is an interactive movie theater on the ground floor. The theater gives tourist a tour of Texas via a simulated helicopter.

There are many more places to visit that are either especially for tourist, or are for the family with children. One more place to visit in San Antonio helps make it one of the best family vacation destinations is Sea World of San Antonio.