Planning a Family Vacation

Planning a Family Vacation

Everyone loves the thought of a family vacation. At least it starts out that way! If you’re thinking back to a bad experience you have had on a family vacation, we’ve all been there. I’m guessing the trip went wrong because it was either poorly planned, too long or the trip was full of arguments. I can’t help with the last one; however here are a few tips to help you plan a great family trip in the future:

1.) Plan accordingly! There is more to planning a family vacation than just picking a destination, hotel and flight. You should really think about the time of year you are traveling. What is the climate like in this area during that time of year? Will the climate prevent you from doing some of the things your family will want to do? You should also think about the cost of everything in the area you are traveling. Even if you are going to a nice place, if you cannot afford to go to a few restaurants, buy any souvenirs or take part in the amenities in the area, your vacation might be a little boring.

Have you thought about events for the whole family? If you have children more than a few years apart, do you have a few events planned that everyone will enjoy? Will your 17 years old like going to the petting Zoo like your 5 years old will?

2.) Check out reviews before you leave. It’s easy to get to a destination and ask someone where a good place to eat is or what a fun activity to do is but they might be a little bias depending on who you ask. It’s a good idea to read reviews of places you are thinking about going before you leave so you can get a good idea of what to expect. Sometimes you can find out way more about a place from reviews than just how good the food was.

3.) How long are you going for? Sometimes family trips can be too long or too short. Time should be considered in all planning. If you are driving, think about the amount of time spent in the car. Will you remember how awful the drive was or the great things you saw or did on the way to break up the drive? If you are going to a place …

Family Vacations – Tips You Should Know

Family Vacations - Tips You Should Know

Family vacations can be fun and exciting for everyone, and even one that will be talked about for years to come. One of the best family destinations that most people don’t think about is a trip to Scotland. There are actually many different exciting things to do here in this wondrous country. There are castles to explore, as well as many other historical sights to see. There are over 400 different museums in Scotland, each offering a unique perspective of the culture of this country.

There are some really excellent family adventures to go on here. The Argyll Adventure, near Inverary, is an ideal way to explore the Scottish countryside by horse back. They are open from Easter Sunday through October, but the minimum age requirement is 8, and you have to be a certain weight as well. Since this adventure is very popular and space is quite limited, advanced reservations are required.

If you and your family want a truly wonderful family vacation in Scotland, then Adventures are going to be right up your alley, with three regular departures from Skye, Seil Island, and Forth, this is your chance to see a variety of different birds and mammals, including whales, eagles, dolphins, as well as many others. You have to be at least four years old, and need warm clothes even in the Summer. You also will be able to see the forces of tides, how whirlpools are formed, and take a high-speed boat ride. This adventure is also open from Easter through October, and reservations are required. …

Cheap Family Vacations In Washington State – Quality Time Means No Distraction!

Cheap Family Vacations In Washington State - Quality Time Means No Distraction!

Cheap Family Vacations In Washington State – I have always loved being a dad and the greatest thing I have ever done is take my family and get away from the hub bub of life. We now have a lifetime of memories, pictures, stories, and videos to share every time we get together.

Living near Seattle has it’s ups and downs and it has been a hard adjustment because I am not a city person. I hate commuting, then again, who does? Twice a day there is this endless sea of traffic for hours on the freeway. It boggles my mind that people actually get so caught up in the rat race of life they don’t prioritize getting away. Needless to say I choose to live on the outskirts, in the country where I can smell the dairy farm across the street when fresh fertilizer hits the ground. My kids think its disgusting.

I chatted with someone the other day who is changing jobs and we figured out that they would spend 40 hrs a month commuting back and forth from home. This equals to 3 months out of the year which equals to 12 work weeks a year just traveling to work. I asked them if they would consider moving closing to work so they could have more time as family and they just thought it was no big deal. Personally my time with friends and family are valuable and I will do anything and everything to keep it my priority. I guess that’s why I work from home.

Now, I realize we are in an economic crunch and some people need to cut back but there is one area I will never give up and that is getaway time with my family. Just like the American Express commercials says, “dream style vacations, PRICELESS.” Listen if you want a dream style vacation there are some great getaway opportunities for as little as $199 a week at some incredible resorts within driving distance of most major cities not to mention international travel as well. Anybody can afford that.

Life is about spending quality time with those you care about the most. Quality time means to me, getting away from the normal distractions of everyday life and focusing on undivided attention. Yes, you can do that a little every day and we should but set some priorities in place and make …

Affordable Family Friendly Vacations – Is It Difficult to Find a Boy Friend or a Girl Friend?

Affordable Family Friendly Vacations - Is It Difficult to Find a Boy Friend or a Girl Friend?

Affordable Family Friendly Vacations – It is difficult to live without good friends and even a boy friend or a girl friend. Friends offer inspiration commitment to each other and that is why people often miss good friends. Good people are required at every place and by every body. It terms of part-time good companion, there is difficulty to find a good one in shorter time. For example, you want to have a company of good friend while going on a party where there will be most couples enjoying, then it is best to look someone good whom you know some details to go with you.

There are two form of people around us who are in need of a good friend. First form includes the people who are looking to have a friend and second form includes the people who are looking to be a friend. Now it is the case that people who want to be a friend are outnumbering the people who are looking to have a friend. There is a full community of friends who have been looking to be a friend and most of them are looking for a company which will pay them on hourly basis. Their rates are not specific or last but they can easily negotiate and would love to be your boy friend or girl friend.

It is the in the discretion of people who are looking to have a good friend either boy or girl to surf among the people who have updated their profiles on Internet. Their intention is that their profiles be browsed. They have contact details and anybody ready to hire them can contact. It is the best way to organize your events. For people who want to be friends could make their profiles. In the events that you have to attend a party, to watch a movie, or to go for a dinner and you don’t want to be alone then hire a friend to go with. This is important to note that when you are in a foreign county and need a boy or a girl friend, you can simply choose people who are from that country. They are very resourceful and can make your visit ever remembered. It is the way to learn language, culture and to know more about countries and places you do  not know before. They can make you to visit …

Best Family Vacations – My Top Five Picks

Best Family Vacations - My Top Five Picks

Best Family Vacations – All of my life I have loved to travel. I have seen my share of the most amazing places on earth. Now that I have a family the tradition of travel continues, but in a different way. I’ll share with you my five top best family vacations.

I have chosen these based upon my own experience and how conducive I feel each destination is to maximizing togetherness and fun!

Best Family Vacations - My Top Five Picks
  1. Skiing at Silver Star in Vernon British Columbia in Canada is one of the very best family vacations I would recommend to you. You may not have heard of this resort but it is a quaint European village style ski resort. Made for families this resort has it all. All levels of skiers will enjoy the terrain and the natural snow. At night you can relax together around a roaring fire, go on a horse drawn sleigh ride, or if you haven’t already had enough – go night skiing! Restaurants vary from family casual to gourmet. Complete with kids camp and ski lessons! If you love the outdoors my bet is you will add this resort to your list of best family vacations!
  2. Disney of course! No need to say more!
  3. Hacienda Tres Rios is one of the most beautiful family vacation resorts in the world! Not only that but this destination is eco friendly as well. Relax and enjoy family time together as you bask in the warm sun, knowing all the while that the resort design and operations are built on solid eco friendly values.
  4. Atlantis in Paradise Island Bahamas is a wonder in itself. You will be in awe of the unique architecture and fantasy grounds. Casinos, bars and restaurants for the parents and pools, water park and day camp for the kids! Snorkel, swim and relax in the tropical sun. You will love this best family vacation wonder!

Camping in the forest in the mountains is on my list as one of the best family vacations. I know this might not appeal to all but for me the need for self reliance and the absence of TV and video games brought our family closer. And it is a great on the budget too! …