Luxury Hotels in Marrakesh

The first believed that one thinks of when I think about Marrakesh will be the city’s famous square, Jemaa el-Fna. Probably well-known for that ultimate Moroccan hang-out and well regarded as the heartbeat of Marrakesh. During the day there resides monkeys and snake charmers, hypnotic music, flutes, singing and bizarre melodies with scents of spices channeling through the spiraling streets. This is one exotic place much less far from Europe but also in my thoughts resides much further away from your average western culture.

During The Night Time

Marrakesh is often a total eclipse looking at the daylight counterpart, with all the sound of banging drums, dancing, and acrobatics, and the air is filled using the give an impression of fresh mint tea and freshly cooked Moroccan cosines, never has there been much culture, colors, and activity a single square mile.

Despite the alluring temptations in the sights, sounds, treasures, and gardens that Marrakesh offers, the traveler here may sink right into a languorous kind of relaxed lethargy just residing at the hotels. Mainly due to the surprising idea that Marrakesh isn’t just famous for its city square but besides due to the exceptionally good luxury hotels that can indeed make travelers feel that every day passed with the hotel’s poolside and Hammans is much more attracting than embarking to explore the city itself!

Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Luxury hotel and resort accommodation in Marrakesh are surprisingly affordable. An elegant luxury hotel, including the standard pool, Air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, offers rates to get a junior suite starting at 80 Euros per person per night, including breakfast.

Le Jardines de la Medina

Les Jardins de la Medina had been a palace that has been successfully converted into a hotel with real elegance and class. Located within easy reach from Jemma al Fna but located within the Kasbah and from the main hustle and bustle of the medina. The gardens will be the highlight with this hotel, beautiful and well-maintained gardens supply a good setting to this fashionably elegant hotel. However the beautiful views don’t stop with all the gardens, once upstairs the views through the terraces are magnificent, with clear views towards the Atlas Mountains as well as the maroon skyline of Marrakech is a site to not be missed. The hotel is French-owned, but still maintains the cultural customs of Marrakesh.

Riad Kniza

Riad Kniza would have been a small family guest house way back in the 18thcentury that has now been restored in a large modernized riad hotel. The hotel is just walking distance from the main attractions of the city, such as the Jemma El Fna square as well as the exotic souks. Riad Kniza provides some great kick-off points to people that wish to settle down and then set afoot to explore the wonders of Marrakesh. As you would expect from a five-star hotel Riad Kniza boasts 12 Moroccan style decorated suites with Air Conditioning and Wi-Fi. The Moroccan artisan design is strongly apparent during the entire riad and you may all but consider the astonishing craftsmanship that goes back century’s. Upon booking using this type of hotel there is a nice feature that includes complimentary shuttle service that takes you directly from the airport to the hotel.

Dar Charkia

Dar Charkia located inside Dar el Bacha antique district; this five-star riad is very popular with holidaymakers to Marrakesh. Reasons throughout this hotel can be viewed with this, having its luxurious interior, stylish Moroccan style bedrooms, heated swimming pool, mouthwatering Moroccan cuisines and views with the Atlas mountains and the maroon Marrakesh skyline.

The original architecture on this hotel goes back more than 100 years nevertheless the building has been fully refurbished and added in the mix an authentic blend of North African, Asian and European styles.

The riad itself is set around a colorful central courtyard, which will be the main attraction in the hotel itself, which during the summer, commands very easy and shuts out your noise with the central medina. Close to the town center, this is a perfect learn to your vacation in Marrakesh