Family Vacations – You Can Have One This Year After All

Family Vacations - You Can Have One This Year After All

Family vacations are going to be harder to take this year. With the continual rising costs of gas, food and the expense of living in general, families are forced to cut back. One of the things being considered to scratch is the annual family vacation. But you’ve worked hard all year and the family needs a break and time to get away and bond. Yet, it must be affordable.

Because of the financial situation, there has been a new word coined: Staycation! Many families are making their home the base for a stay at home family vacation. Do you really know what your hometown and surrounding area offer in the way of fun and adventure?

Call your local Chamber of Commerce or the Visitors and Tourists Bureau. They can offer a myriad of ideas for things to do close to home which are free or very reasonable. There are special events, festivals, museums, parks, zoos, lakes and swimming pools. You save money by eating and sleeping at home.

But, to make this work, treat it just like you’re on a family vacation in a new town. Include some visits to a local fancy restaurant. Moms need vacations too. Don’t overlook nearby attractions. There could be one that others travel miles to see.

Camping trips are good inexpensive options. You can pitch a tent, cook over a campfire and hike in the woods. You’ll not only discover nature but yourselves. If you care to go all out on the camping idea, you can arrange for a camp for a family of four. It will include meals, lodging, and activities for about a thousand dollars a week.

If it just isn’t a family vacation unless you leave town, do the bookings yourself and dig deep for discount hotels. Stay in a 2-star hotel instead of a 4. You may have to bring your own toiletries but there are savings. Many reasonably priced hotels offer free breakfasts. Eat hearty and skip lunch.

Suites or condos are cheaper than renting two rooms if you have a large family. Save money and enjoy family time in a hotel pool, hot tub or health club. Relax and stay healthy. Take advantage of what’s already paid for.

Go “off season” and an all-inclusive resort may be within your budget. It’s hard to find a venue that doesn’t cater to families and include meals, drinks, and lodging for one price. Many are located on the beach with countless activities for all ages. Big bargains are found south of the border in Mexico if you’re willing to research.

Theme parks are also good choices for family vacations. Once inside the park everything (except food, drinks and souvenirs) is included. They give free shows, rides and picnic areas. You can stay several days at a theme park and never do the same thing twice. Check on their package deals and save.

Determine your limits. Study your destination and style for your best value. Plan a family staycation or family vacation with your family. They will love the adventure.