Family Vacations and Storytelling

Family Vacations and Storytelling

Family stories are all time favorites

Repetition is comfortable for children. They like to know what is going to happen next in the story. They also enjoy knowing in advance that the crisis will be solved and the tale will have a happy ending. It is okay if they fall asleep in the middle of the princess being rescued or grandma killing the rattlesnake, they know how it will end.

By telling family stories, you have the opportunity to pass down the values and character traits of the heros and heroines. By association, children will recognize that they too are brave, kind, helpful and strong problem solvers.

Special Sounds Effects and Different Voices

The best stories are very heavy with imagery and special sounds that become part of the tradition. Each listener forms a visual image in their own mind, composted of their experiences and thought processes. They expect to hear the “clunk, clunk, clunk” of the shovel as Grandma saved her child from the snake. The listeners also enjoy hearing the witch’s cackle and the lion’s roar. It brings the imagination alive and creates interest.

Many stories contain subtle clues that help the listener to concentrate and build wonderful visual pictures in the brain. After they become familiar, they can relax as your soft voice tells the same story they heard last week and requested again and again.

Family Vacations and Storytelling

Don’t be surprised to learn years later that the best part of the vacation was listening to the relatives recount adventures or hearing your mom tell “The FairyTale” or one of their favorites. By sharing stories you will grow closer to your family than you may ever have thought possible. They will always remember being close and communicating by telling and hearing stories. They will then tell these tales to their children and the cycle of life continues.