Family Vacation Cheap Packages – Cheap RV Rentals for the Family Vacation

Family Vacation Cheap Packages - Cheap RV Rentals for the Family Vacation

Family Vacation Cheap Packages – Family vacations are priceless, they create many childhood memories that are never lost and they give parents the opportunity to form stronger bonds with their children. A popular type of family vacation that has emerged due to the recession is a “staycation”. This involves staying within the borders of your country and enjoying all it has to offer. Many people choose this option because it is cheaper and sometimes even more fun. If you are thinking of a staycation, try to get cheap RV rentals, it covers accommodation and transportation, all in one price.

Many people do not know the ins and outs of renting an RV. They are often misinformed about space, insurance and mileage issues that can end up costing more than they want to pay. Use the five tips below to get the RV at the best price for your vacation.

Size matters. Get the smallest recreational vehicle possible. The point of a vacation in one of these vehicles is not to give everyone too much privacy but to bond as a family. If the recreational vehicle has enough space to sleep everyone and store the essential items, it is big enough.

Try to make bookings outside of the peak seasons. The peak seasons are often in the summer or around public holidays. These are the most popular times for vacations and booking during those periods can make the price of renting much higher than it usually is outside of these seasons. If you have to book in the summer, try months like June and August to avoid the spike in prices.

Always ask for a discount. Do not be afraid to ask about your options in terms of discounts. You may just be surprised at the potential for major price reductions.

Remember to watch the odometer. Most businesses that rent recreational vehicles charge additional money when a specified number of miles are exceeded. If you leave the state or travel extensively throughout any one state, you can expect to pay the additional charges.

Buy just enough insurance. First time renters often get too much insurance; by just getting the basics, you can avoid additional costs that will make the rental much more expensive than anticipated. Accident insurance should suffice for a recreational vehicle in good condition. Cheap RV rentals are not hard to find. You can get them, even with the priciest renters in your city. The trick is to know what to get and ask for. Do not get caught up in a sales pitch, get the most appropriately sized vehicle and get just enough insurance to protect you and your family.