Family Friendly Mexico Vacations – What is There to Do in Mazatlan For Kids?

Great Ideas for Family Vacations in Mazatlan

Family Friendly Mexico Vacations - What is There to Do in Mazatlan For Kids?

Want a recipe for disaster? Pack up your bags and fly away for a family vacation without thinking about activities for your kids. Can you imagine? Whining! Frustration! Trying to find activities at the last minute, only to find that what you want to do is only available on certain days, but not on the day you have available! It is enough to give you nightmares!

Thankfully, for a family vacation in Mazatlan that never needs to happen! Mazatlan is a wonderfully family-oriented tourist destination, and there is a great variety of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

The Mazatlan Aquarium

First of all, let me suggest the Mazatlan Aquarium. It has always been a nice place for the family to visit, but in October of 2008 they opened a new “Ocean Tank” which made it even better! The new tank is the biggest in Latin America, and allows you to see a large variety of species of ocean wildlife interacting in their “natural” environment. It is really very impressive – it has much more than just fish, there are sharks and sting rays and giant sea turtles and much more. You really do not want to miss it!

The Mazatlan Aquarium is really an all-day activity, because it not only has several tanks, each for a different eco-system from a different part of the world, it also has a shark tank, a sea-lion show, a mini-zoo, a parrot show, botanical gardens (with crocodiles!), and a program about the conservation of sea turtles! That ought to entertain the family for a while, don’t you think!

Mazagua, Mazatlan’s Water Park

Another great activity for kids is to visit the Mazagua Water Park. It offers everything you expect to keep your family wet and entertained – slides of different types, a river to move around, a wave pool, a play area, and much more. It is closed during January and February (the only time when Mazatlan gets cold enough that playing in the water isn’t fun), but available for your family’s enjoyment all the rest of the year.

Huana Coa Canopy Adventure

If you have older kids, taking a day to go on this zip line adventure can be a real blast. When you make a reservation to visit Huana Coa, they will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to their facilities outside of Mazatlan at the base of the Sierra Madre mountains. The staff is very conscientious, careful to ensure your safety as they guide you through multiple zip lines through authentic tropical jungle. It’s a great adventure with beautiful views.

And much more…

There are many more activities available in Mazatlan that are wonderful for families, depending on the age and inclinations of your kids. Of course, there are tons of water sports (jet skis, boogie boards, banana boat rides, and much more). There is also surfing, horseback riding, whale watching, and I know I am forgetting a lot! Oh, and just playing on the beach – making sand castles, for example! Explore some of the sites about Mazatlan and you are sure to find even more wonderful ideas!

Good luck on your family vacation in Mazatlan! As long as you do come prepared, you will find plenty of great activities so that the whole family will have a great time!