Cheap Family Vacations In Washington State – Quality Time Means No Distraction!

Cheap Family Vacations In Washington State - Quality Time Means No Distraction!

Cheap Family Vacations In Washington State – I have always loved being a dad and the greatest thing I have ever done is take my family and get away from the hub bub of life. We now have a lifetime of memories, pictures, stories, and videos to share every time we get together.

Living near Seattle has it’s ups and downs and it has been a hard adjustment because I am not a city person. I hate commuting, then again, who does? Twice a day there is this endless sea of traffic for hours on the freeway. It boggles my mind that people actually get so caught up in the rat race of life they don’t prioritize getting away. Needless to say I choose to live on the outskirts, in the country where I can smell the dairy farm across the street when fresh fertilizer hits the ground. My kids think its disgusting.

I chatted with someone the other day who is changing jobs and we figured out that they would spend 40 hrs a month commuting back and forth from home. This equals to 3 months out of the year which equals to 12 work weeks a year just traveling to work. I asked them if they would consider moving closing to work so they could have more time as family and they just thought it was no big deal. Personally my time with friends and family are valuable and I will do anything and everything to keep it my priority. I guess that’s why I work from home.

Now, I realize we are in an economic crunch and some people need to cut back but there is one area I will never give up and that is getaway time with my family. Just like the American Express commercials says, “dream style vacations, PRICELESS.” Listen if you want a dream style vacation there are some great getaway opportunities for as little as $199 a week at some incredible resorts within driving distance of most major cities not to mention international travel as well. Anybody can afford that.

Life is about spending quality time with those you care about the most. Quality time means to me, getting away from the normal distractions of everyday life and focusing on undivided attention. Yes, you can do that a little every day and we should but set some priorities in place and make sure you do it for longer than a half hour here and there. Plan 3-7 day get aways at least 2 times a year…

The rewards far out way the cost. Speaking of cost. We have found the most cost effective way of getting away is be a part of a members only resort vacations club. You get the saving advantages of a large membership and the perks are endless. Unlimited usage, no restrictions, at over 5000 condo resort locations. We love it! Because we have a large family we have had to traveled very cost effectively. The great thing is that we did it without sacrificing on luxury or space. Something you don’t get in a hotel. Want to learn more just contact me and I will gladly share our secrets to mor family vacations.