Best Family Vacations – My Top Five Picks

Best Family Vacations – All of my life I have loved to travel. I have seen my share of the most amazing places on earth. Now that I have a family the tradition of travel continues, but in a different way. I’ll share with you my five top best family vacations.

I have chosen these based upon my own experience and how conducive I feel each destination is to maximizing togetherness and fun!

Best Family Vacations - My Top Five Picks
  1. Skiing at Silver Star in Vernon British Columbia in Canada is one of the very best family vacations I would recommend to you. You may not have heard of this resort but it is a quaint European village style ski resort. Made for families this resort has it all. All levels of skiers will enjoy the terrain and the natural snow. At night you can relax together around a roaring fire, go on a horse drawn sleigh ride, or if you haven’t already had enough – go night skiing! Restaurants vary from family casual to gourmet. Complete with kids camp and ski lessons! If you love the outdoors my bet is you will add this resort to your list of best family vacations!
  2. Disney of course! No need to say more!
  3. Hacienda Tres Rios is one of the most beautiful family vacation resorts in the world! Not only that but this destination is eco friendly as well. Relax and enjoy family time together as you bask in the warm sun, knowing all the while that the resort design and operations are built on solid eco friendly values.
  4. Atlantis in Paradise Island Bahamas is a wonder in itself. You will be in awe of the unique architecture and fantasy grounds. Casinos, bars and restaurants for the parents and pools, water park and day camp for the kids! Snorkel, swim and relax in the tropical sun. You will love this best family vacation wonder!

Camping in the forest in the mountains is on my list as one of the best family vacations. I know this might not appeal to all but for me the need for self reliance and the absence of TV and video games brought our family closer. And it is a great on the budget too!