Bahamas Or Hawaii For Family Vacation – Plan a Vacation Away From the Craziness

Bahamas Or Hawaii For Family Vacation - Plan a Vacation Away From the Craziness

Bahamas Or Hawaii For Family Vacation – When most of US travel, we end up in crowded, high-population centers. Deep down we may crave a serene, tranquil retreat for our raw nerves and worn out bodies. But the most popular, easy to plan vacations are to amusement parks, or tourist traps, or bustling cities and metropolitan areas.

We read with interest the adventures of Marco Polo, Magellan, Admiral Byrd, Lewis and Clark, and others. But we may rationalize that every place on earth has now been trampled by human feet and there is nothing left to explore. Well, maybe a few humans have ventured to every general region on the globe, but there are still a lot of gorgeous, unspoiled locations if you just take the time and effort to find them.

A perfect example is the Bahamas. It is true that parts of the Bahamas are bursting with noisy tourists, crowded beaches, souvenir shops, and high rise hotels. But there are other islands there that are amazingly remote and private. Long Island is one of these islands. You can vacation there or to another if you just do a little research and set up means of transportation and perhaps a Bed and Breakfast inn.

What can you do that’s adventurous if you’re on a planned tour? Most tours offer plenty of free time to do your own thing. For example, if you’re in a large European city, why not rent motorbikes or a car and venture out into the countryside, the small villages, the mountains—somewhere that isn’t overrun with frantic human beings? Sit down in a quiet meadow or a mountaintop and enjoy a picnic lunch.

One thing that’s fun if you’re vacationing in the good ole USA is to travel for a while on the scenic roads rather than the freeways. Buy a guide to out-of-the-way attractions that may carry their own charm. Some guides also list small secluded restaurants or cafes which offer some of the most delicious food you will ever eat.

There are still some virgin territories where you can enjoy the wilds (and lots of wildlife). Find a rather secluded forest area in Alaska and sit still for a few hours near a natural water source. See what wildlife you might just happen to encounter.

You may end up vacationing in a secluded place with your only neighbors people of another culture. Why not reach out and try to make a few friends? Some have found that people in these settings value friendship more than we do, and will amaze you with their kindness and hospitality. So what about you? Is there even a kernel of adventurous spirit in you? Do you have a desire to explore distant destinations that most have not found? There are books that reveal places like this, and you can also locate quite a few by Googling for an hour or so. Release the explorer in you.