5 Most Dangerous Animals to Avoid in Australia

Australia’s wealth in fauna is described through a variety of endemic creatures. The country is famous for its venomous species, unsurprisingly housing more venomous species of snakes versus the number of non-venomous. Unfortunately, venomous animals in Australia are not only limited to snakes but including spiders, scorpions, platypus, octopus, jellyfish, stingrays, molluscs and stonefish.

5 Most Dangerous Animals to Avoid in Australia

Indeed Australia’s land is vast and a must experience country for avid travelers. There are however precautions that need to be taken especially for those who choose to travel the road leading to outdoors and adventures, be it extreme or just another normal adventure to partake.

Enjoy safe travelling in Australia; give yourself more chances of travelling by avoiding the 5 infamous animals in Australia.

1. The Box Jellyfish

Not only is Australia’s villain but it holds a place in one of the world’s dangerous animals. It is often spotted on the northern ocean of Australia and further south along the coast of Queensland. They appear particularly during the wet season that runs from the months of November to April. Its shape doesn’t look much apart from the regular jelly fish only that it is almost transparent so it could be hard to tell when it is in the water.

2.  The Red Back Spider

Derived from its official name, this spider is a black spider with a red spot on its back, the red spot is usually elongated in shape. This spider is another Specie endemic in Australia that is found worldwide. Its venom is neurotic and causes extreme pain so better avoid this animal if you wish to attend to your next adventure.

3. The Stone Fish

If the Red back is the king of the spiders, the Stone Fish is the king of all types of fishes. It is an Australian fish but still the most dangerous fish in the world. Better not be deceived by its coral or carved stone appearance, because once you stepped on it you are subject to paralysis, shock, or death if not treated early.

4. The Great White Shark

Commonly known is Australia as the “Great White” found throughout the coast of Australia and yes this shark is also found worldwide. Their serrated teeth let them enjoy eating fish, small sharks, dead creatures and humans. Possess strong senses of smell so if you drop a blood, quickly find your boat or board to head back to the coast to avoid severe physical damage.

5. The Brown Snake

This snake extends up to 2.3 meters not so long compared to the other wild snakes, but don’t underestimate its venom that can kill humans or other creatures in a swift. There’s a remedy against its poison but in most cases the venom is quick in attacking the victim to them.