Global Resorts Network Gives Solution to Traveling in Hard Economic Times!

Global Resorts Network Gives Solution to Traveling in Hard Economic Times!

Vacationing as a family can be tough, especially in these difficult economic times. But it doesn’t have to be hopeless, not with Global Resorts Network to the rescue!

If you spend any time in resort locations like Florida or California, or in various other countries around the world you will notice one thing…there are still plenty of vacationers. How do they do it?  They don’t give up traveling, they simply look for better deals.  That’s where GRN comes in.

Over and over again GRN offers vacations at many locations around the world for prices that can’t be beat. Global Resorts is NOT a timeshare. However, because it has been in the vacation business for over 20 years it is able to tap into all types of accommodations, including timeshares, WITHOUT the hassles of owning a timeshare. Think about that for restrictions on when you can vacation, no limits on the number of weeks you can take holiday throughout the year. Imagine having guest weeks that you can offer your friends and families so they, too, can try out the benefits of a Global Resorts Network membership.

Here is the way it works. Purchase a membership to GRN. The cost for a lifetime membership is $3K. This allows you the opportunity to get great deals for the rest of your life. Most members make up the cost of the membership in just one or two trips, that’s how steep the discounts are on the vacation offered by GRN.

Here is an example… a short time ago GRN had special on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  Seven days at a high-end resort hotel for up to six people for only $298!  That is not a misprint. When compared to Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity, this same resort sold for upwards of $1800 for …

Thailand Family Vacation Packages – A Kata Resort Is Perfect for Family Vacations

Thailand Family Vacation Packages – Kata Beach rests along the western side of Phuket and is more subdued than more active areas where the nightlife is popular. Planning a family vacation at a Kata Resort can be a pleasant experience for the entire family. Beach activities, attractions, shopping and great restaurants bring plenty of things to do in this tropic paradise.

Thailand Family Vacation Packages - A Kata Resort Is Perfect for Family Vacations

On the Beach

You can find a Kata Resort right on the beach where the white sand beckons you to come out and play or walk along the shore in the evening. Warm breezes are present day and night and the feeling of peacefulness surrounds you. One of the finest choices for family fun is Katathani Phuket Beach Resort where you will find a Kids Club, kids pool, playground and direct access to the beach. Attractions close by a Kata Resort include a miniature golf park with fire-breathing dragons and an active volcano. The kids will also delight in a Jurassic-themed restaurant located between Kata and Karon Beach.

Off the Beaten Path

A Kata Resort can also be found wrapped in greenery and set among beautiful gardens if a quieter setting is what you want. Being right on the beach will never be missed with family-oriented musicals at night, kids club, sports and numerous swimming pools with slides. The beach is a short walk as are many stores, food and drink outlets and the rich natural walkway that leads you there. Mountains and waterfalls adorn many hidden areas of the countryside that make a day of hiking or a scenic walk incredible. Many of these resorts also offer babysitting services so Mom and Dad can steal away a night alone. With spas, saunas, pools and water sports galore, the solitude of the beautiful green plants and sounds of the …

How to Book Affordable Luxury Adventure Travel

How to Book Affordable Luxury Adventure Travel

Affordable Luxury Adventure Travel – If there is one area of the travel market that has always been expensive and extremely difficult to book, it has been the luxury adventure travel market. Because everyone has their own definition of what both “luxury’ and “adventure” are, and how they combine, it can be difficult to put together a trip that makes everyone happy, and when you do, you find out that it can be very expensive indeed.

If you are looking for a way to book luxury adventure travel, then you have probably already tried piecing together a trip on your own. This can be a lot of fun and provide you with ideas for things to do, but it is also the most expensive way to book a trip. If you are trying to have the trip of your life and still stay within your budget, then you will have to find another way.

The travel membership market is one that continues to grow because of the many benefits that it has to offer. Travel membership organizations or clubs offer extremely good discounts on all types of travel, without annual fees or blackout days. This means that once you pay a one-time fee, you will have access to unlimited discounts on all types of vacations and that certainly includes luxury adventure travel. So, whether you want to ride zip lines in Costa Rica, go cycling in the Sierra Nevada, or ride the white waters, you will be able to find a great deal on a luxurious resort to go back to at the end of the day. Most people find that by joining a travel membership club that not only do they get discounts that make travelling cheaper, but that they also end up taking a lot more trips because …

Cheap Family Vacations Trips – Three Ideas

Cheap Family Vacations Trips - Three Ideas

Cheap Family Vacations Trips – The current economic situation has most families re-examining their spending habits, and many are thinking about ways to take cheap family vacations. In the past families took pride in paying for over the top vacations whether they could afford them or not. Many times these were financed using their credit cards. Now, families are finding that they have to be a lot more practical in their spending habits. The challenge for them is to find ways to entertain their children and their families cheaply, while still having a great time.

One issue parents may have is feeling like they are failing their children by not having quality vacation experiences when they plan cheap family vacations. Actually, a cheaper vacation can be just as nice, and can be helpful to their children in a lot of ways. First, they can teach their children that there are some instances where money doesn’t equal quality time. Children can learn that they can have a quality good time by doing something special with the family and that there doesn’t have to have a large price tag attached to it. The children will also learn how to endure challenging times in life.

Having said that, one idea that you can use for keeping vacations cheaper, is to drive to a nearby attraction. If you live nearby a beach, you can simply drive them to the beach for a day there. You can pack lunch fixings, or you can bring a grill. The children will love frolicking on the beach and the family can do things like play frisbee, volleyball, or take a nice swim. The grownups can read a nice book or bring along any portable hobbies that they might have. This is a very fun and relaxing vacation to …