Lao Travel Planning Tips

Lao Travel Planning Tips
Lao Travel Planning Tips

Planning a trip to Laos?  By now you might have done your research, and know a bit about Laos. You might already get excited and dream of the place you’re heading to. But wait! You need to plan your trip a bit before you go.

A careful planning plays an essential role in determining your travel experience (good or not so-good). Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a trip to Laos.

If you plan to go to other countries in the region before or after Laos (e.g Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam), at least determine where to go first, next and last plus the entry/exit points in Laos. It’s important to have a clear plan to avoid doubling back that can eat up your time and money.

Plan your itinerary carefully. It helps saving hassle, time and money if you plan your routs thoroughly.

Decide where and how to get your tourist visa. Tourist visas are now valid for 30 days. Here are two ways to get the Lao visa:

Arrange it with the Lao Embassy, either in your neighbor countries if there isn’t one in your own country or in one of Laos’s neighboring countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China). Allow plenty of time if you chose this option.

Get it at Lao border or airport. Tourist visa is issued at most Lao ports of entry. Visa fee ranges from US$20 (China) to US$42 (Canada). Remember to take exact amount of money and 2 passport photos for that.

Please note that not everyone is eligible for Lao visa-on-arrival, you better checkto make sure you aren’t in the list of “not entitle” nationalities.

Get your passport ready. Make sure your passport is not expiring within the next six months.  You won’t be given a visa to enter …

Europe Travel Tips – Recommendations If You Plan to Work While Travelling

Europe Travel Tips - Recommendations If You Plan to Work While Travelling
Europe Travel Tips - Recommendations If You Plan to Work While Travelling

Working to finance the holidays in Europe is one of options that the travelers always do. The best thing is that they can live for a while and know more about the country. Also, living in a non-English country gives you the opportunity to learn a second language and have lots of practice. I think it is the greatest advantage of have mixing work and travel.

If you plan to work legally in Europe, you need to do some researches. But most of travelers prefer to do casual illegal work such as working at ski or beach resorts, seasonal work as fruit picking and so on. But it would be risky that the wage is not enough to support your living for few weeks. Thus, you need to reserve sufficient money for purchasing a return air ticket.

There are some tips if you plan to work in ski or beach resorts. First of all, you have to find this kind of jobs before the season begins. Otherwise, these vacancies will be gone quickly. Second, you should not bring along with CV or job reference. Take British Immigration as an example, they may suspect anyone that will work illegally if they have these documents.

In fact, being a foreigner, it is quite difficult to find the causal work in Europe as unemployment rate is high in some countries. These casual seasonal jobs will be taken up quickly by other citizens in EU countries as EU citizens can work in any other EU countries. I strongly recommend that you must deeply consider your employment plan in your journey. You must have a flexible itinerary to seek work along your trip, only treating the causal job as a bonus to your travel. …

How to Make Your Own Comfy Travel Pillow

How to Make Your Own Comfy Travel Pillow
How to Make Your Own Comfy Travel Pillow

Whether you travel in a car or on a plane or train when you go on a vacation, you always want to try and be as comfortable as you possibly can, especially if you are going somewhere that might be a long distance and you need to sleep while traveling, best bus travel tips. So it’s always a nice idea to have your own travel pillow with you for the trip. Travel pillows are generally a lot smaller than a regular pillow and can be square, U shaped or round and when you buy one they can cost up to $45.00. So why not save yourself a little bit of money and make your own?

First thing you will need to do is to pick out the kind of fabric that you want your pillow to be made out of. You can choose silk, satin, fleece, whatever you like. Fleece however is probably the easiest material to work with and it doesn’t fray like some other materials that you might choose. For this project the material will be fleece. You can even take an old fleece shirt and use to make your pillow with cutting down on cost right there.

After you have your material you will need to figure out how big you want it and what shape you want it to be. The normal size of a travel pillow is about 12 inches in height and around 16 inches wide. This is about half as big as your traditional bedroom pillow. If you decide you want a U shaped one you should make a mock one first using some rolled up kitchen towels.

Once you have decided on your size you will need to add about 4 inches to the height and to the length of your pillow. …

Cheap Family Vacations In January – Take Cheap Family Vacations in the Shoulder Season

Cheap Family Vacations In January - Take Cheap Family Vacations in the Shoulder Season

Cheap Family Vacations In January – Vacations are all about having fun, but they can be pretty expensive. If you like to take a lot of vacations, but you don’t have a lot of money, one of the best things you can do to save money is to plan your trip during the shoulder season. You can save more money by a booking your trip in the off-season, but there is a reason that it is called the off-season. Almost all vacation spots have a high and low season, and everything to do with that vacation is priced accordingly. Your airfare will be cheaper, as will your accommodations, food, and activities.

The bad thing about traveling in the off-season, is that the conditions for that particular vacation are not at the optimum levels. Most people travel to Vale for the skiing, and so the off-season is during the summer when there is no snow on the ground. Likewise, almost all places are high season during the months of June, July and August, because that is when school is out and schoolchildren are on holiday. There are a few exceptions to that June, July, August time frame, in places where it gets so incredibly hot during those months that it is definitely considered the low season.

But what exactly is the shoulder season? That is the small window of time on either side of the high season, when the conditions are near optimum levels for a vacation in that spot. For instance, in Vale, if the high season is November through February, the shoulder season would then be October and March. If I were going to book this particular vacation and I wanted to save some money but still have a good shot at doing some skiing, I would book it …

South Florida Vacation Mecca

South Florida Vacation Mecca
South Florida Vacation Mecca

South Florida is known for its miles and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and sparkling clear water, which is why it is one of the most visited areas in the United States. Affluent international travelers visit South Florida for vacation, business and to enjoy the glitz and glamor that the area offers. Additionally, Florida is the Cruise Capital of the World and home port to the two largest cruise ships in the world, the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas. It was estimated in 2011 that more than 13.9 million passengers embarked on cruises leaving out of Florida.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale area offers a plethora of sites to see and things to do while visiting with everything from parks, museums, aquariums, casinos, sporting events and boat tours. There is even a boat tour that takes guests around to view some of the most expensive homes in the area belonging to celebrities or the rich and famous.

While in South Florida you may want to visit Butterfly World. It’s a unique place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and take in the amazing gardens and butterflies.

Another place that many find interesting is Vizcaya, which is located on Biscayne Bay in Miami. This 1916 home built by John Deering is a National Historic Landmark. The Museum and Gardens features ten acres of formal gardens and the castle is located in the heart of Miami. It is a stunningly beautiful retreat with a lot of history and a look back at simpler times.

If your looking for an exciting night out, you may want to try South Beach in Miami which is an international known “hot spot” for tourist and locals alike. While there you may even spot a celebrity enjoying the nightlife.

Miami, …