Travel Tips From a Trip to Hong Kong

Travel Tips From a Trip to Hong Kong

It’s my fourth time going to Hong Kong but this time I’m taking notes to help out travellers who are planning to go. Most of what I’m going to share should applicable to any trip, Hong Kong travel tips currency.

Travel Tips From a Trip to Hong Kong

Nested Luggage

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise with extremely competitive prices – I found some out of the way places that had items up to a half off the prices I was used to. It’s not unreasonable to have more than half your luggage weight extra going out than coming in. During my first few trips I bought an extra bag to fit all the items I bought but that was before I happened onto the excellent idea of using nested luggage. Go to any luggage shop and you’ll see luggage being sold in stepped sizes – essentially the same bags but different sizes. Like Russian dolls you can actually fit the smaller bag inside the bigger one, and this is what I did coming into my trip, I put my stuff in the smaller bag and put it inside the bigger one, that way I immediately have an extra bag for all my shopping items!

Anticipating the Carousel

So there I was, with my big black upright luggage all packed when I thought about the inevitable situation in the airport carousel. In order to make it easier to spot my luggage I tied a red ribbon on the handle. Satisfied with my excellent idea I settled down for my trip. When it came time to retrieve my luggage in the arrival area I kept my eye out for my red ribbon only to notice that nearly everybody had a black roller type bag around the same size as mine, and, amazingly, most of the bags sported red ribbons! Not greens, not yellows, reds. Everybody had the same idea. I would never have believed this if I hadn’t seen it myself, therefore spotting my bag was not as easy as I thought. On my return trip I put both the red ribbon and some masking tape on the handle to make my bag easier to spot, you might want to do the same or try a ribbon other than red. Standing in the carousel I noticed the bags with unusual colors or unique patterns, those were really easy to spot – this is something to think about when making a luggage purchase.

Oh Taxi

Hong Kong drivers are friendly, competent and very professional. Cabs are typically Toyota Crowns or Comforts – big cars with five passenger limits, bags are placed at the boot or trunk which can be left partially open if there is too much luggage- with an elastic band to keep things tied down. One thing the drivers might not be is handy with English. In my experience, even saying an address while using slow intonations doesn’t work. One thing that did is bringing a map of Hong Kong and pointing at your destination. I obtained one …