Family Fun Vacations – Theme Parks Are Not Just For Kids

Family fun vacations are often thought of to mean going to amusement parks or theme parks, such as Six Flags or Disneyland. Although these are great destinations for families with children and teens, adults can enjoy them too.

Family Fun Vacations - Theme Parks Are Not Just For Kids

Many theme parks have areas specifically designed to appeal to different age groups. A lot of these parks also cater to the adults and those who are not as physically fit as the kids.

A popular theme park that incorporates a little something for everyone is Cedar Point, which is a huge roller coaster park in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. For so many young people who are crazy for coasters, this is their fantasy vacation destination. However, even if you don’t enjoy riding roller coasters, or are physically unable to ride, this park is still a lot of fun.

Since families come in all shapes and sizes, a good theme park will offer something for everyone. Enjoy the pre-school fairy tale themed areas, the dare-devil high voltage coasters, or take in a stage show in the air-conditioned theater. Grandparents will have fun watching the older kids ride the extreme rides. Also, for those seniors who are willing and able, they can enjoy the rides with the grandkids.

Many amusement parks and theme parks are often associated with some lower cost places to stay onsite or nearby. Consider staying at a K-O-A campground, or renting a camper; many parks offer low cost areas and hookups for you to stay. This is a very family friendly option because of the proximity to the action. Older members of the family can take a break and go back to the room or camper for a rest during the day. Or, if a little one needs a nap, it is easier to be closer to your home-away-from-home. Split up into groups and let the die-hard adventurers in your group stay at the park while the others take a rest for a few hours. Re-group at a meeting place for dinner and evening fun.

Being able to break up the day can refresh some family members. When they return to meet up with the rest of the family, they will be renewed and everyone will have a better time. So, go ahead and enjoy those family fun vacations together! …

Become a Travel Agent for Massive Savings

Become a Travel Agent for Massive Savings

So, I admit, I am a member of an e-commerce travel company. But this article is not about selling you on a home-based business; it’s all about you becoming your own travel agent. Believe it or not, even if you never sign up one person in this company, you can win financially in amazing ways, regardless! For less than $1,000, you can own your own turnkey travel business, receive quick travel agent training, and become an independent, credentialed agent with all the terrific benefits that offers. And what are some of those benefits?

First, FAM or “familiarization” trips are offered by tour companies, hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, airlines and cruise lines. The purpose of these trips is to familiarize the agent with the cruise line, hotel, or tour company. Of course, the particular company is hoping you will send future travelers their way. The great thing about these FAM trips, sometimes called member trips, is that they are so easy to access. Once you become an agent you are able to take one of these FAM trips immediately. These trips are extremely discounted, and can save you up to 80% on land trips and 70% on cruises. Obviously, this is more than worth it. Here are a few random examples of some of the member trips that you can take advantage of:

  • 4 Days Jamaica Vacation for only $234.00
  • 4 Days to Cozumel, Mexico only $181.00
  • 4 Days to Cancun Mexico Vacation, $230.00
  • 6 Days Caribbean Cruise for only $285.00
  • Myrtle Beach golf vacation for 3 nights: $359.00
  • 7 Days to Spain: Madrid, Cordova and Seville. From $990 for agents; $1090 for spouses/companions.
  • Disney World 3 Days/ 4 Nights, only $335.00. The kids will love this one…

(Many of these quotes cover hotels, transfers, sightseeing, and at least two daily meals).

Second, on top of the discounts, earn Travel Agent commissions on your personal travel, as well as the travel of your clients. Book any travel on your own site or point friends/family to it and you get cash back. Yes, you heard me right.

Third, enjoy sometimes being treated like royalty when traveling as an agent. Even the governments of some nations offer the red-carpet treatment to agents. This is because politicians realize the huge benefits tourism dollars can bring to their economy. So, don’t feel as if you owe them the world. You’re helping them too.

Fourth, enjoy tax advantages for running a business. According to the IRS, deductible expenses related to business travel are the normal and necessary expenses of traveling to perform your business, job, or profession. When you become a travel agent, you make traveling your business. Deducting travel expenses from your income before paying taxes means huge savings. The average American traveler that spends $3,000 a year on travel must earn $4,500 before taxes. For the travel professional that owns his or her own business, their income is not taxed until after travel expenses are deducted. This could equate to a 50% savings …

Best Luxury Summer Family Vacations – Can You Get Luxury Trips on a Budget?

Best Luxury Summer Family Vacations - Can You Get Luxury Trips on a Budget?

Best Luxury Summer Family Vacations – Over the past few years as the economy has tightened, many families have put aside their vacation plans in order to stick to their budget. But now that things appear to be getting a little easier, many people are getting back into the vacation market again. But, can you actually book luxury trips on a budget and get to go where you want?

If you were to book your entire trip by going directly to the airline and the hotel, you would find that you probably couldn’t afford to go. This is, by far, the worst way to book any trip. You could also go to some of the online travel agents, but they aren’t a lot cheaper. You might end up with a pretty good price but find out that there is no availability at all.

The best way to get luxury trips on a budget is to join a travel membership club. These clubs have access to some of the highest end resorts in the world and they allow you to book without respect for black-out dates or holidays. Essentially, they have bought access to unused timeshare vacation properties all over the world that you can get for a fraction of the cost.

Luxury trips on a budget are possible if you know how to shop, and this is the way that a lot of people are going about finding the best possible vacation for the least amount of money. The resorts are four or five star, and they are located all over the world, from mountains to beaches, remote areas to large cities. No matter what you are looking for, you will find that not only can you get the availability that you want, but you can get it at a price that is cheaper than you ever would have imagined. …

Affordable Family Vacations

Affordable Family Vacations

Affordable Family Vacations – Summer is right around the corner and you are probably starting to think about the next family vacation. Planning a family vacation can be very stressful in regards to making decisions on where to go, how to get there, will the whole family enjoy it and most importantly, can it be done affordably. Here are a few tips on planning affordable family vacations that are also a lot of fun for the family.

Look into visiting a state park to go camping. Pack up some sleeping bags, tents and food. It will be a great time to experience nature and help the kids get off the computer for the week. Together you can go hiking, fishing and swimming. Check with your state parks department to see availability and amenities offered at campgrounds.

Try picking locations that are not popular tourist destinations. By doing this you can save a lot of money, sometimes up to 70%. You will also avoid huge crowds by doing this as well. Traveling during the off-peak season is also a big money saver, especially if you have your heart set on a popular destination. In addition, many places offer additional discounts for children during this time.

If you have good friends or family in another city, plan a trip to visit them and see if it is possible to stay with them. It will save a lot of money on accommodations and give you the opportunity for the family to explore another city. Purchase a travel guide for the location to see what attractions there are to visit. Many will list admission prices, allowing you to have an idea of what it will cost before hand. If it is a major city, you may also be able to save money by using the city’s mass transit system versus renting a car.

You can also check out what attractions are within driving distance of your home. Look into historical sites, national parks or theme parks around your area. You can even make a long weekend out of it by booking a hotel room in the area so the family can have enough time to enjoy everything.

If you really would like to go to a particular destination, but think it is too expensive, look on the internet. There are many websites that offer vacation packages at a discounted rate or run special promotions on different areas during various times of the year. Having flexible dates of travel can also help in saving money on the family vacation you want to take. Affordable family vacations, that everyone will enjoy, are possible with a little research and creativity. You and your family can have a great vacation together, without breaking your bank. …

Family Vacation Cheap Packages – Cheap RV Rentals for the Family Vacation

Family Vacation Cheap Packages - Cheap RV Rentals for the Family Vacation

Family Vacation Cheap Packages – Family vacations are priceless, they create many childhood memories that are never lost and they give parents the opportunity to form stronger bonds with their children. A popular type of family vacation that has emerged due to the recession is a “staycation”. This involves staying within the borders of your country and enjoying all it has to offer. Many people choose this option because it is cheaper and sometimes even more fun. If you are thinking of a staycation, try to get cheap RV rentals, it covers accommodation and transportation, all in one price.

Many people do not know the ins and outs of renting an RV. They are often misinformed about space, insurance and mileage issues that can end up costing more than they want to pay. Use the five tips below to get the RV at the best price for your vacation.

Size matters. Get the smallest recreational vehicle possible. The point of a vacation in one of these vehicles is not to give everyone too much privacy but to bond as a family. If the recreational vehicle has enough space to sleep everyone and store the essential items, it is big enough.

Try to make bookings outside of the peak seasons. The peak seasons are often in the summer or around public holidays. These are the most popular times for vacations and booking during those periods can make the price of renting much higher than it usually is outside of these seasons. If you have to book in the summer, try months like June and August to avoid the spike in prices.

Always ask for a discount. Do not be afraid to ask about your options in terms of discounts. You may just be surprised at the potential for major price reductions.

Remember to watch the odometer. Most businesses that rent recreational vehicles charge additional money when a specified number of miles are exceeded. If you leave the state or travel extensively throughout any one state, you can expect to pay the additional charges.

Buy just enough insurance. First time renters often get too much insurance; by just getting the basics, you can avoid additional costs that will make the rental much more expensive than anticipated. Accident insurance should suffice for a recreational vehicle in good condition. Cheap RV rentals are not hard to find. You can get them, even with the priciest renters in your city. The trick is to know what to get and ask for. Do not get caught up in a sales pitch, get the most appropriately sized vehicle and get just enough insurance to protect you and your family. …