All Packed and Ready for Summer Road Travels

All Packed and Ready for Summer Road Travels

You want your summer road trip to be a blast and exhaust all efforts to keep it that way. Wait a second to look at the travel tips below.

All Packed and Ready for Summer Road Travels

It is after all summer so be sure the car does not still have winter ones on. Inspect the tire pressure because as you know tire pressure sheds off around one pound of air pressure per month. Correct tire inflation is a must if tread separation and blowouts are to be avoided since ideal contact between road and tires is maintained.

Fluids need to be monitored. See if the oil needs changing. Owner manuals are provided by car makers so you have a guide when it comes to recommended oil and more. While the hood is up, check the coolant/antifreeze mixture inside your vehicle’s radiator. Cold and hot weather temperature is regulated right if the ideal coolant to water ratio of 50 to 50 is maintained.

Inspect what is left of the car. Do not go without having all the belts and hoses of the car checked first. A wiper blade often does not last longer than a year so if yours is past this mark and is working poorly toss it out and replace it. Finally, check the battery and if yours is more than 3 years old, have it tested at a certified automotive repair facility.

Your car should be equipped with an emergency kit. Use the cargo area to store flashlights as well as first aid kits and flares plus jumper cables and a blanket to keep clothes clean in case a tire has to be changed. Take with you extra pairs of gloves and paper towels along with some water and washer fluid plus non perishable foods but do not forget to bring tools such as screwdrivers and pliers especially wrenches.

Road trips usually turn into a packing free for alls where people do not stop with the luggage and just continue stuffing the automobile with coolers or pillows. Limit items to bring to just the essentials. The hotel will take care of your shampoo needs so no need to bring extra. You are going to a hotel not the woods so there will be washers and dryers there for doing laundry which means bringing 10 pairs of shorts is not required.

If items you brought along keep blocking your vision then you are going to be in trouble so pack smartly. It will be easier to lift the heaviest pieces if they are placed at the center of an SUV or pickup but for the other vehicle contents even them all around the vehicle.

Driving while feeling dopey is a top cause of road mishaps. Get as much sleep as you can to avoid dozing off while driving on the day of the trip. There is a downtime to the short term buzz created by caffeine in coffee so be ready for it. When possible switch drivers and pull over frequently. The small bladder is indirectly …

Pet Friendly Corporate Housing Eases the Burden of Business Travel

Pet Friendly Corporate Housing Eases the Burden of Business Travel

Gene Brown missed having a dog around. A traveling radiologist, Brown lived in corporate housing and was often on the road between assignments.

Pet Friendly Corporate Housing Eases the Burden of Business Travel

“I would see other technicians, who traveled with pets, and think, ‘I wish I could do that,'” he said.

Pets can be accommodated by most corporate housing providers, although some properties carry breed restrictions such as no pit bulls, rottweilers, German shepherds, or chows. Other properties require pet interviews, which can be difficult for traveling professionals to do if they are unable to see the property before taking occupancy. Taking the time to attend obedience classes with your dog will benefit you in any number of ways, but especially in the case of a pet interview.

If you own an aggressive breed of dog such as a pit bull, you may have an easier time accommodating your pet if you choose to rent a private furnished property over renting corporate housing at an apartment complex. Your corporate housing provider will be able to advise you how to proceed in such circumstances.

“One time we had this client whose dog kept escaping from the apartment,” said Erin Connelly, Operations Manager for the corporate housing provider Almost Home USA, “So we asked the complex to put a special lock on the door and they did.”

Finding housing that will accommodate a pet is only part of the challenge, there’s also getting them from point A to point B without causing them undue stress. Here are some helpful tips:

If you’re taking your dog or cat by car, begin by taking them on shorter trips first. That way you can gauge the level of their anxiety and speak with your veterinarian if you feel that tranquilizers are necessary.

Make sure the dog is always in the back seat of a car (although never in the bed of a pick-up truck) because passenger side air bags deploying can cause a pet damage. What’s more, dogs should not be allowed to stick their heads out of the window. According to the Humane Society, “Pets who are allowed to stick their heads out the window can be injured by particles of debris or become ill from having cold air forced into their lungs.”

To help a pet deal with motion sickness, the Human Society suggests taking along ice cubes, which are easier on a pet’s stomach than water.

Never leave your dog alone in a parked car. According to the Los Angeles SPCA, a parked car can heat up to 160 degrees in a minute, potentially causing stroke, brain damage, or even death.

If you’re traveling by plane, make sure that the dog or cat’s crate is clearly marked with all of your contact information. Make sure that the animal is wearing a collar with a legible tag, and a rabies tag.

There are pet transportation specialists who will, for a fee, make sure that Fido gets to where he needs to go with great efficiency, but online reviews of these services are …

Useful Tips When Planning a Holiday

Useful Tips When Planning a Holiday

If you want to plan a vacation this year on your own, the following tips will be perhaps helpful.

Useful Tips When Planning a Holiday

One of the most important thing is to choose destination. It must be the right choice for you and your fellow passengers. First determine what type of holiday you would like to have. Once you determine your wishes go to select destination.

Next thing is to choose hotel or hostel where you will stay. There are many forums and sites where you can look at reviews or comments of other people. In this way you will learn practical information about the hotel that you chose.

Look for your ticket at one of the sites that contain various airlines. So you can see that price of the ticket varies from one airline to another. Also, you can book your ticket online. It is sometimes cheaper to travel by boat or by train. My personal favorite is a combination of these. Simply getting there is not always the best thing to do. In this way, you can maybe visit some interesting places along the way. Try to enjoy while you are traveling.

Make inquiries about everything that interests you regard accommodations, food, sights and nightlife. It is useful to buy or get a map of destination because it will save you plenty of time and simplify the organization of sightseeing during the trip. After you have selected the places you want to visit, you can arrange in advance free time so you can do everything you planned. If you want to go from city to city, check types of transportation or rent-a-car before arrival. All countries have different regulations and laws.

At the end make a list of things that you will need and make sure that you have your passport if you are traveling abroad.…

Tips to Better Vacation Experiences

Tips to Better Vacation Experiences

If you’ve always wanted to take a fun, safe, adventurous and relatively inexpensive, but luxury packed vacation here are some tips on how you can make it happen.

Tips to Better Vacation Experiences

Before you get to the fun stuff, answer this; Are you the type that doesn’t care about the kind of hotel you stay in? If you don’t then proceed without caution!

But if love your creature comforts, magnificent views from huge balconies maybe a Jacuzzi on the balcony to watch the night go by with a Margarita in hand and a great location then you must read on!!

Expensive, Sound extravagant, must have a high end Budget? NOT AT  you know where to book and who to book with. Two of my best vacation experiences in Mexico were done for less than $1700 with a car rental, tickets to major parks, Fantastic Spa visits and yes, this was for two.

What’s the Secret?

Choose the right Travel agency. Travelocity comes to mind. You get what you pay for Period. The Hotels and rooms actually look like the pictures you viewed! Take 3-4 hours looking carefully at vacation packages, with car rentals (if you are the driving adventurer) Read all the details on the rooms offered and then look at what you can upgrade to for next to nothing!

Find out as much as you can about the local attractions. If you have included a car, don’t book the attraction online, do it when you get there for a lot less. (I recommend this way for single couples) If you’re taking the family, especially young children, book it online and relax aboard Top of the line tour buses as you venture out.

If you love to try new foods, you will save a bundle and experience some of the best food you will ever have by eating “Off the Street” as I like to call it.  Don’t worry; finding an Ice cold beverage of your choice is easier than blinking! Just stick to cooked food and getting sick need not be a worry

Safe to go out and about day and night? Catching a Cab or the bus in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta for example is safer than in any US city I know. They pride themselves on tourist safety and cops are never too far away. Midnight strolls are a must, sleeping on the beach even better.

Why go to Florida and deal with the same old stuff you can get at home on crowded not so pretty beaches when less than an hour away you could be on beaches of clear white sand, waters so blue it’s almost unbelievable and views that simply take your breath away.

Want more Tips; Check out my articles on hotels, fun flights and more.…

Tips to Make Your Flight a Breeze

Tips to Make Your Flight a Breeze

Flying to a vacation destination can be either a great experience or a frustrating one. With the recent increase in airport security, airline travel can be a time-consuming and troublesome endeavor. Here is some useful advice that will improve your comfort level during your journey through the air.

Before you even get into the airport, try to avoid parking your car there. Parking lots at airports will charge you a high fee per day you leave your car in their possession. Either find a hotel nearby that does not charge for parking or get a friend or family member to drop you off; this will save you money and make your walk to the ticket line much shorter.

Travel light. Most airlines allow you to bring one carry-on and one personal item for free; your personal item has to be able to fit under the seat in front of you. Most backpacks or purses fit and offer you the extra space needed for things you cannot fit in your carry-on bag. This will eliminate wasted time at baggage claim at your destination and make it easier to transport your luggage to and from the airport or through customs when on an international flight. Check-in luggage can also easily be lost which can leave you without anything at your destination for the first day of your vacation.

Dress appropriately. Wear tighter fitting clothing and put as many “accessories” (belts, iPods, wallets, sunglasses, etc.) in your bags as you can. If you wear baggy clothes you have a higher chance of security patting you down (searching for drugs, weapons etc.) thus delaying your trip to the terminal. Having fewer items on you will help you avoid the anxiety of rushing everything back into your pockets after passing through security. Also, wear shoes that can easily be slipped on and off as you are required to take them off while going through security.

Choose aisle seats. Whether in first class or coach, an aisle seat is preferable to a window or middle seat. First time flyers may want a window seat because of the outstanding aerial views, however most of the time you can catch these views from the aisle seat. You will have much more leg room and freedom to move about the cabin in this seat, making your time in the sky much more comfortable. Seats by the emergency exits are also a great option for leg room, these seats usually fill up first however because frequent flyers are aware of this tip.

There are many other minor things you can do to better your plane trip. Bring something to do on the plane in your bags, whether it is an mp3 player, magazine, book, or laptop, have something that will occupy your time. If you get cold easily, wear long sleeves and pants and bring a sweater or sweatshirt. The air pressure in the cabin with fluctuate when you take off and land, chewing a piece of gum or having …