Tour Turkey: Six Places to See When Touring the Magical Land of Cappadocia

Tour Turkey: Six Places to See When Touring the Magical Land of Cappadocia

Cappadocia boasts one of the most magical and breathtaking dramatic landscapes in Turkey.  The rocky fairy chimneys attest to ancient volcanic eruptions and the ravages of sun, frost, wind and rain.  Cappadocia is a region with its unique mix of natural geography, Anatolian history and vibrant traditional Turkish culture.  Following are a few travel tips of things to see and do when visiting this amazing area of Turkey.

Tour Turkey: Six Places to See When Touring the Magical Land of Cappadocia


The open air museum of Goreme consist of steep cliffs and many hidden churches dating from the second half of the 9th Century and afterwards. This is a great place to start when you arrive in Cappadocia so that you can learn the history of the area and tour some of the most well preserved painted cave churches and their elaborate frescoes.

Underground Cities

Beginning in the second century A.D., as successive armies swept across Asia Minor, the residents of Cappadocia created uniquely defensible communities by digging approximately eight stories down into the volcanic tufa stone. You can tour Kaymakli Underground City seeing the stables, churches, cellars and homes.  You can also explore Derinkuyu, which is another large underground city in the area.

Pasabag and Zelve

These natural sites are the perfect places to take photos of the dramatic landscape of Cappadocia. If you are more on the adventurous side, these sites allow you more freedom to climb around and explore the caves, churches and homes that are hewn into the rock.

Uchisar Fortress

Uchisar is the name of a town and the fortress in the town. This 60 meter-high fortress was not built but carved out of a natural hill dominating the area with a breathtaking view of all the surrounding Cappadocia formations.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Early the in the morning you can depart for an unforgettable balloon ride over Cappadocia. You will drift down through the canyons and float high in the air to view the extraordinary landscapes. You will brush through the treetops and explore the areas hidden treasures.

Avanos Hand Craft Center

Avanos is a small town famous for its pottery and carpets. It is built along the banks of Kizilirmak River, the longest river originating and ending within the borders of Turkey. At a local hand-craft center, you can learn all major aspects of carpet-weaving and how to make your own pottery.

Cappadocia is a wonderland of unusual and magnificent geographic formations sprinkled with green vineyards, fruit orchards and frescoed churches. These are places you do not want to miss when visiting this area of Turkey.…

Pre-Travel Research Tips That You Need to Know

Pre-Travel Research Tips That You Need to Know
Pre-Travel Research Tips That You Need to Know

You can not travel without any research before your trip to any foreign lands. Even if you want to trust others, you just can not trust telling strangers where you want to go to. You must have at least an idea of how to go about and around the place, which is just not possible if you do not know anything about it beforehand.

Many postpone the completion of investigations, as they do not know how to start and have no idea what exactly they’re investigating. Therefore, to help with this task, here are some of the necessary tips that any traveler needs to know when they are going to travel:

Knowing where you are going. You know the name of your destination and know where you are on the map. But do what we know about the place? First, check the country as a safe destination. If it is safe enough for you to go, find out their admission requirements. Need a visa? What are the requirements? What other travel documents you need to prepare?

When all these issues are resolved, knowing the weather forecast for your destination to find out what clothes to pack. You do not want to end up wearing a sleeveless shirt and jeans in freezing temperatures. Next is to know the tourist traps of the area so you are not unprepared when you get there. Learning some basic phrases in their language is also helpful.

As a security measure, you want to know the common types of diseases in the area. so that you can take preventive action to avoid getting ill along the route. Check with your doctor and find out if there are vaccine shots or any drug that must be taken before and after departure.

If you take any gadgets and gizmos, finding available electrical outlets in the country may become complicated. You may need an adapter and you will be happy to know this in advance. If you plan to get a rental car once there, do some research on their driving needs. Is your driving license sufficient or is it necessary to obtain a special permit? Prior knowledge of road conditions and travel by road is essential.

Planning to go shopping? Research on local prices of items you are planning to purchase. This allows you to set the budget and avoid being ripped off by local suppliers. You also get an idea of how far you can go to bargain. Finally, if you plan to visit places of historical interest, be sure to know the local festivals and find out if the site will be closed at that time. You do not want to end up against a locked door when reaching your destination.…

How to Be Safe When You’re Traveling on Your Own

How to Be Safe When You're Traveling on Your Own
How to Be Safe When You're Traveling on Your Own

1. Be sure to arrive during daytime.

This is when bus stations, airports, and hotels will be at their most active. People looking to prey on tourists can do it with ease at night, and people who want to help can look threatening. Make sure your arrival time will get you where you’re going during daylight hours.

2. Store important things separately.

If you’re keeping your money in a money belt, keep your credit cards in another place, and your passport in another. If the worst happens, and something gets lost and stolen, you’ll be better equipped to help yourself if not everything is gone. Additionally, if you keep reaching for your money belt over and over, you’ll attract attention to yourself.

3. If you’re leaving the country, register your excursion with the Department of State.

You can do this by phone or online. Doing so will ensure the country’s embassy is aware that you’re in the country. If something happens, such as an accident, the embassy will be poised to search for you and assist you. Even if friends and family know exactly where you are, registering with the Department of State can only help.

4. Look for people to group up with.

Have you met friendly people at the bar or the pool? See if they want to join you when you go out to dinner. Would you like to explore the area’s sites? See if there’s a tour group you can join up with. There’s a lot of truth to the idea of safety in numbers, and surrounding yourself with others will help keep you protected.

5. Take minimal luggage.

It can be a struggle to lug a lot of bags around on your own, and if criminals see you struggling, they may use the opportunity to grab one of your suitcases. Before you leave, be sure you can carry your luggage quickly and smoothly. If you can’t, it’s time to cut down your bags to the essentials.

7. Trust your instincts.

If something makes you suspicious or nervous, it’s better to play it safe and avoid it. If you’re uncomfortable walking back to your hotel, don’t be afraid to call a cab. If you have a bad feeling about something, it’s probably for a reason and it’s best to go with your gut. Even if your concerns are nothing, it can’t hurt listen to them. There’s no such thing as playing it too safe when you’re traveling alone!

Don’t be afraid to travel alone, just take the necessary precautions. As long as you put a little extra effort into keeping yourself safe, traveling on your own can be as rewarding as any big group trip might be. Have a happy trip, and stay safe.…

Reaching Your Destination

Air Travel

Reaching Your Destination

Traveling by air is one of the most popular modes of travel. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most environmentally damaging. When traveling by air, you can do your part to help offset carbon emissions by booking a direct flight. The most damaging carbon emissions are released from an airplane during the takeoff and landing.

Another way you can travel greener by air is to book a flight on a “green plane.” Many airlines are transitioning some of their planes to operate more efficiently. Boeing recently introduced its new 747-8 Intercontinental jumbo jet. According to the company, the plane provides 16 percent better fuel economy, 16 percent less carbon emissions per passenger and generates a 30 percent smaller noise footprint than its predecessor, the 747-400.


If you plan on driving to your vacation destination and don’t own a fuel efficient or hybrid car, consider renting one. Renting the smallest car to comfortably meet your needs not only saves the environment, it also saves your car from accumulating additional miles.

Take the Train

For shorter destinations, consider traveling by train. Not only do trains emit less damaging carbon emissions when compared to airplanes, they provide a unique travel experience. You will be able to see so much more from the inside of a train, than from 30,000 feet or behind the wheel.

Where To Stay

Green Hotels

The hotel industry is doing its part to protect the environment by offering eco-friendly accommodations. Green hotels are popping up around the world offering luxury accommodations while also helping to reduce energy, water, and waste. Look for hotels that make use of solar and wind powered energy, water saving devices, non-toxic cleaning supplies, organic cotton sheets and towels, and energy efficient lighting. For more information on green hotels, check out the Green Hotels Association’s website.

Getting Around

Use public transportation such as buses, shuttles, or trolleys as much as possible and take advantage of hotel vans to get to and from airports. Or better yet, walk or take a bike ride. These options are a cheaper alternative, reduce your carbon footprint and force you to get outdoors and enjoy your natural surroundings.

This summer don’t check your green habits at the hotel door. Be sure to take the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra with you along with your carry on luggage.…

Tairua NZ – Your Insider New Zealand Holiday and Travel Guide Including Tips For Visitors

Tairua NZ - Your Insider New Zealand Holiday and Travel Guide Including Tips For Visitors

Tairua is a maori place name meaning “two tides” and nothing could be more apt. For Tairua is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the Coromandel, with a picturesque harbour linking two white sand beaches.

At the head of the harbour is Mt Paku, a twin coned hill that was once an island but is now joined to the land by a sand dune. Walk to the top and you’ll soon see how Tairua got its name when you look over the town, harbour, beaches and Tairua’s twin resort; Pauanui.

Talk to the locals and they’ll tell you that Tairua is a soulful town centred around community and family life. Yet Tairua welcomes visitors with its very own style of relaxed hospitality.

There’s one thing that’s sure to get your stomach rumbling and that’s the smell of freshly baked pastries hot from the oven at Manaia Café & Bar. Manaia is the maori word for spiritual guardian and this place is an absolute godsend to anyone whose day doesn’t start until they’ve had a great coffee. With a nice indoor/outdoor feel, locals rate Manaia for their cooked breakfasts and outstanding seafood dishes.

After breakfast, you’re spoiled for choice. Do you go to the beach, the harbour, or just stay in town? The great thing about Tairua is that you can do it all in the same day.

Tairua is blessed with one of Coromandel’s finest surf beaches that’s only a 10 minute walk from town! With golden sand and safe swimming areas, Ocean beach slopes down to a steep undersea shelf which is responsible for creating some awesome waves. When the waves are up, Ocean Beach is a haven for surfers and boogie boarders.

Then there’s Tairua harbour. Just a 5 minute walk from town, head straight for the little yellow dive shop at the base of Mt Paku. These are the guys to take you fishing, diving and kayaking. Tairua is home to the millennium marlin. Catch one of these and you have bragging rights for years to come or explore the crystal clear waters of Tairua harbour by kayak.

Like many harbours, Tairua is great for boaties and has a big boat ramp for launching your boat. There’s also a couple of wharves and at high tide, they are a popular place to throw out a line and try your luck at fishing.

Head back into town and there’s tennis courts, parks, sports grounds and an 18 hole golf course with a club house that serves great meals during summer. The 19th hole never looked better.

After the beach and harbour, you might be feeling a little peckish and again Tairua doesn’t miss a beat. How about a nice Italian dish looking out over the waters of Tairua Harbour? The Cypress Tree always delights with fabulous service and food. They also do takeaway pizza so you can picnic down on the waterfront.

Then there’s Shells Restaurant. Locals claim this place has a brilliant chef who cooks …