Luxury Family Vacation Rentals With Teenagers

Luxury Family Vacation Rentals With Teenagers

Luxury Family Vacation Rentals with teenagers can be hard to plan. When they were younger, kids might have been happy to go anywhere with a beach and a fun kid program. Older, cooler teens tend to look down on organized activities at luxury resorts and just want to hang out with friends. So how does a family plan a vacation that gives enough family together time, but still keeps teenagers happy and entertained?

Do your research before booking any vacation. What activities does your teenager enjoy? Are they adventure sports fanatics or video game junkies? Research a few possible luxury vacations that take into account their passions as well as your preferences. Then let them have a say in the choice of destination.

Sometimes the intensity of family together time without having any friends around for that whole vacation period is enough to put a teenager into a foul mood that makes everyone miserable. Consider inviting a best friend along on the vacation, especially if you are going to be staying somewhere where there might not be other teenagers to hang out with. If you are staying in a luxury villa or beach house, one extra person makes very little difference to the overall cost and could make all the difference to the success of the vacation.

Here are a few options to consider when planning a luxury family vacation with teenagers:

Choose a luxury hotel in a beautiful location that offers a variety of adventure sports and activities. Forget about organized teen programs and the like. Just make sure that there are plenty of options that you can all enjoy, from ziplining through the canopy of a rainforest to windsurfing, ATVing to water-skiing. Unless you are determined to make this vacation a wilderness, away from it all experience, make sure that the hotel offers unlimited and fast internet access, so that your teens can stay in touch with their own social circle too.

Plan a road trip that takes in places you’ve always wanted to visit, but make sure that your itinerary covers your teen’s interests too. Balance out that gorgeous spa destination with some white-water rafting, a city shopping day with a baseball game, visits to wine estates with kayaking, golf or fishing. Plan the trip together with your teenagers, so that they feel involved and not just reluctant passengers.

If what you want is a luxury beach vacation, then do look for a hotel or resort that has teen-focussed activities, but be aware of the dilemma. Either the activities will be seen as uncool and your teen will refuse to join in and end up just hanging around bored, or else they could be too compelling and you’ll end up not seeing your teenager from one day to the next, as he or she goes from video lounge to dance club, poker night to ‘mocktails’ round the bonfire. Planning a luxury family vacation may not be easy but it can be done, so make the most of …

The Mom Travel Bag: Traveling with Small Children

The Mom Travel Bag: Traveling with Small Children

Traveling is something that most of us love, and it comes in so many forms! There are fun vacations, romantic vacations, staycations, and family vacations, just to name a few. In general, families with small children try to have their family vacations look more like staycations or short road-trips because, let’s be honest, airport security with small children is borderline nightmarish. This is especially true if you have more than one small child because then you have them running in different directions. Well, here are a couple tips to make airport security a little more manageable, so now you and your family can go to Disney World, even if you live in Kansas.

The number one way to make airport security less stressful is being organized. “But I am organized,” you say, “I know where all my tickets and IDs and bagged 3 oz. liquids are.” That’s fantastic, and certainly helpful, but this organization goes one step further. The nice thing about carry-on bags is that you can bring a fairly large tote, or messenger, bag with you on the plane without it being a problem. Make sure your children each have their own small backpack, that they packed themselves, with their books, games, etc. that they will want on the plane, but keep everything else in your bag. Using a travel bag or baby bag with a lot of compartments will make your life so much easier. There is no reason why your children should carry their own liquids or anything else that they might lose. In addition, if they only have a small bag, it will cut down on the complaining since their bag won’t be too heavy for them.

Another hurdle about traveling with children is keeping them entertained once you have gotten through security. If you have a long layover, you can take them to the children’s corner. In most airports there is an area where there are little slides, jungle gyms, and other things that your children can climb all over. This will also make them more tired once they get on the plane. That way they will be less antsy when they have to sit for a few hours. If you have only a short time until your flight, this is when the backpack comes in play. Make sure that they have packed their favorite books and/or games so that way they will definitely be entertained. Having your children pack their own carry-on bag, will make them more excited about playing with what they packed because now they feel like they got to have a say in the process. Another great attention-grabber is standing at the windows. Most children love there and watching the planes land and take-off.

Your roomy tote bag can come in handy again after you get through security. If you have space, having a couple extra books or games in your bag, for variety’s sake, never hurts. More importantly, it’s a great place to store snacks. Children get hungry faster …